“ Whatever you do in word or deed,
do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Colossians 3:17

Year 5 Ash Class


Year 5 Ash
Class Teacher: Mrs Klibi

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Baker

Welcome to Year 5 Ash Class





Our School Council members are Gabriela and Oscar.









Eco Monitors

Jake, Emelie, Harriet and Gena

Sport Council

Darcy and Alex


Class Expectations 

Treat everyone with kindness,
Be respectful,
Be responsible,
Be safe,
Listen when someone is talking,
Keep your hands and feet to yourself,


In Year 5, we embrace challenges and adopt a growth mindset. We are keen to learn from others and explore how we can improve our own understanding. We enjoy an enriching and engaging curriculum that provides us with opportunities to investigate current affairs and to learn about inspirational people.

In Ash, we embrace equality and diversity. We recognise that we each have a responsibility to change the world for the better. With that in mind, we believe that kindness, forgiveness and empathy come first, and a smile or compliment can make someone’s day.

This term, we have continued to read Journey of the Pale Bear by Susan Fletcher. We are now starting to see how this book links with our history topic on Mediaeval Monarchs. We have seen where Henry III and King Haakon of Norway (characters in the book) are positioned on a timeline of kings and queens. We have also learnt about Edward the Confessor, King John, King Richard, Thomas Becket, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I to name but a few. We have also found out about the Battle of Hastings, the Magna Carta, the Crusades, the Domesday Book and the Act of Supremacy.
Our current RE topic is Lent. We have been learning about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Our Class Worship on Lent was well-received, and we were awarded a Star of the Week certificate for this and for displaying excellent behaviour on our recent school trip.
As part of our science topic on Living Things and their Habitats, we joined Sycamore class and had a wonderful time at Painshill Park in Cobham. The forecast had been for rain all day, but the showers didn’t materialise and so the whole day was spent in the fresh air with a well-earnt picnic. We had the opportunity to experience orienteering: equipped with a map, pencil and compass, we explored the whole park. We saw follies, a grotto and a Turkish tent, and we walked across various bridges with delightful views of the river and hills. Everyone took care not to trample over all the beautiful flowers, nor to disturb the ducks and swans. We also enjoyed the minibeast investigation which encouraged us to find different creatures under logs and in the meadow. One of our surprise finds was a ferocious Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle which many thought to be a scorpion as it arched its abdomen in anger. At the end of the trip, we thanked the organiser and were very grateful to our parent helpers who accompanied us. We are now looking forward to our WW2 trip in July.


We are continuing to be aware of our own well-being. In this ever-changing and challenging world, we focus on the importance of physical and mental health, adopting a range of techniques to ensure we learn and reach our full potential. Our Zones of Regulation interactive display enables us to acknowledge our feelings each day, and we can utilise a Worry Box to share how we are feeling more privately. We like to spread happiness in the class via our Acts of Kindness box. In addition, we take part in a Daily Mile and receive PE lessons from specialist sports coaches to keep us physically active.

Year 5 is an exciting year for us as we work hard to be awarded a pen licence, and we meet our ‘buddy’ from the Nursery class. As well as being happy to spend time with the youngest members of The Blue School, we must admit that we also enjoy the stories and various corners of the Nursery.

This year, we will see ourselves and our classmates developing in confidence, becoming  more independent and resourceful. Furthermore, we will gain strategies to foster and maintain friendships, deal with obstacles and manage feelings. By the end of July, the Ash seedlings will be ready for Year 6!

Prayer Table


Best Foot Forward Award

Our fantastic teaching assistant, Ms Baker, likes to surprise us with the Best Foot Forward Award. It is given to a child who demonstrates an admirable quality. Please see below for our current recipient of this award:

Joseph – for always working hard in class and doing extra work for displays

Along with this award, two children are presented with Star of the Week certificates, and our excellent work is displayed every month on the WOW wall at the front of the school. Our recent display for the WOW Wall celebrates the work that we have been doing in RE. 

Thomas, Nile, Sophia and Tony have their work about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday displayed.