Whatever you do in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Ms R Jones
Ms N Wilkinson
Assistant Head

Standards & Progress

Mr P Hammer
Assistant Head

Character and Community

Mr C Matheron
Assistant Head


Mr J Kelly
Assistant Head

Curriculum and Teaching

Mrs J Kassanis
Office Manager

We employ high calibre teachers who bring with them enthusiasm and love for their job. All teachers are encouraged to constantly review their teaching and develop their classroom skills.

Each class receives considerable additional support from classroom assistants and voluntary parental helpers.

The school also has an experienced team of administrators who ensure the smooth-running of the school, the welfare of the pupils and effective communication with parents and the wider community.

Phase Leaders

Upper Key Stage 2

Mrs Klibi

Lower Key Stage 2

Miss C Calvert

Key Stage 1

Miss El-Hossiny


Mr P Hammer

Subject Leaders


Mrs Klibi

EYFS/KS1 Phonics & English

Miss L Watkins


Mrs S Campbell

EYFS -KS1 Maths Lead

Mrs J Merry

KS2 Maths

Mrs S Campbell


Mrs M Hunt


Mrs S Old


Mrs C Couch

Religious Education

Ms H Stallwood


Miss D Muir

Design Technology

Ms M El-Hossiny

Computing & Online Safety

Ms A Calvert

Computing & Online Safety

Ms A Calvert


Ms L Cowley

P.E. Lead

Mr R Lord

P.E. Events

Miss L Pearson


Ms L Cowley / Mr R Lord


Mrs R Bhatarah

Teaching Staff


Nursery - Miss D Muir
EYP - Mrs H Langley


Kangaroos - Miss L Watkins
Giraffes - Mrs C Couch

EYP Team

Mrs R Kuncheva, Mrs M Guyett, Mrs P James, Mrs F Moon

KS1 Team

Year 1

Rabbits – Miss L Pearson
Otters – Miss C Ansell (Maternity Cover)

Year 2

Pandas – Miss M El-Hossiny
Zebras – Mrs Jo Merry

Teaching Assistants

Mrs B Mugosa, Ms V Parker (HLTA), Mrs R Harrison

Lower KS2 Team

Year 3

Elms – Ms K Callender
Oaks – Ms H Stallwood

Year 4

Beeches – Mr R Lord
Willows – Miss A Calvert

Teaching Assistants

Ms A Perkins, Mrs K Hassan, Mrs K Garrod, Mrs S Wyzlic

Upper KS2 Team

Year 5

Ash – Mrs K Klibi
Sycamore – Mrs M Hunt

Year 6

Redwood – Mrs S Old
Cedars – Mrs S Campbell

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Baker, Mrs A Winchester (HLTA), Ms J Bennett, Mrs A Picotti



Mr C Matheron

SEND & Inclusion Support Officer

Mrs J Mcloughlin

SEND Specialist (Dyslexia)

Mrs S Lonergan

SEND Specialist (ASD/Complex)

Miss H Sakhi

SEND Specialist (Dyscalculia)

Mrs J Bennett

SEND Specialist (SEMH)

Mrs A Picotti

SEND Specialist (LSA)

Mrs R Harrison

SEND Specialist (Dyslexia)

Mrs A Winchester

Support Staff

Office Manager (Mon-Thurs)

Mrs J Kassanis

Finance, Admissions and Facilities Manager (Mon-Fri)

Mrs H Wildgust

Welfare & Attendance Manager and Send & Inclusion Officer (Mon-Thurs)

Ms J McLoughlin

Administrator (Wed)

Mrs M Reeves

Office Administrator (Tues-Fri)

Mrs R Kuncheva

SEND Specialist (ASD/Complex)

Miss H Sakhi

Office Administrator (Monday PM)

Mrs K Hassan

IT Technician

Mr Y Gurung

Welfare/ First Aid

Mrs K Garrod

Facilities Co-ordinator

Mr D Parker

Assistant Caretaker (PM)

Mr W Needham

Welfare/ First Aid

Mrs S Butler


Mrs A Perkins (Senior SMSA)
Mrs J Pearman
Mrs A Winchester
Mrs B Mugosa
Mrs A Ferao
Mrs R Kuncheva
Mrs M Lushaj
Mrs E Price
Mrs J Price
Mrs L Stevens
Ms S Butler
Mrs P Evans

Relief SMSAs

Mrs S Hindi
Mrs P Tonheta
Mrs G Egyiawan
Miss T Jones
Mrs E Michaels