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Parents Association

The Role of the Parents Association

The Blue School PA is an independent registered charity run by parental volunteers primarily to set up and enrich the children’s educational experience at the Blue School. The charity raises money to fund different projects and purchase items for our children within and around the school.

All parents with a child at The Blue School automatically become members of the PA.

Parent Association Class Representatives


Ali Batten & Vanessa Gyasi

Reception Giraffes

Jess Sellers & Felicity O’Brien

Reception Kangaroos

Jennalise Kassanis & Rozina Joesph

Reception Kangaroos

Jennalise Kassanis & Rozina Joesph

Year 1 Otters

Alison & Katy Cooper

Year 1 Rabbits

Kerry Bryne-Fraser & Leah Jupe

Year 2 Pandas

Helen Birchall & Mike Flood

Year 2 Zebras

Keeley Quartey and Jenny Watkins

Year 3 Oaks

Cátia Silva & Cynthia Guerra de Arshy

Year 3 Elms

Jane Sankey

Year 4 Beeches

Jessica Sobryan & Caroline Elms

Year 4 Willows

Olivia Perez-Cockburn & Luigi de Lima

Year 5 Sycamore

Natalie Lonsdale

Year 5 Ash

Jessamy Carlson

Year 6 Redwood

Katy Cooper & Clare Bowen (Barnes)

Year 6 Cedar

Lavinia Wilkins & Sonia Hanfrey Perez