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Sports Premium

At The Blue School we believe PE & Sport play an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better. Through PE & Sport our children learn to develop the important qualities of discipline, resilience, communication, team work, and ambition, leading to improved concentration, attitude, and academic achievement.

We welcomed the Government’s announcement in June 2013 to provide additional funding for two years to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our young people.

What does the Sport Premium mean for our School?

‘Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this’ (DfE June 2013).

We are working closely with Sport Impact and have identified key areas through a self -review process to ensure we can meet the high expectations in PE and Sport for our children.

‘Schools will also be required to include details of their provision of PE and sport on their website, alongside details of their broader curriculum, so that parents can compare sports provision between schools, both within and beyond the school day’ (DfE June) ’

Nature of Support

We have extended our relationship with Sport Impact (previously the Schools Sports Partnership for the local area) and have identified key areas through a self-review process to ensure we can meet the expectations in Physical Education (PE) and Sport for our children.

Please click on the links below to download a breakdown of how Sports Premium Funding has been spent.

Nature of Support

Total number of primary aged pupils between the ages of 5-11
Total amount of Sport Premium Grant allocated
Amount spent on Sport Impact (Hounslow Borough Sports Organisation)
2013/14£6,261 (70%)
2014/15£6,370 (70%)
2015/16£6,475 (70%)
2016/17£6,594 (70%)
2017/18£7,065 (part of 75%)
Amount spent on Sport & PE
2013/14£2,683 (30%)
2014/15£2,730 (30%)
2015/16£2,775 (30%)
2016/17£2,826 (30%)
2017/18£8,002 (part of 25%)

What does the Sport Premium mean for our School?

The sports funding we have received this academic year (£9,420) has been spent in various different ways.

We have been able to increase sports participation inside and outside school. We have created various sports teams to compete against other schools which, has taught children the benefit of being a team player and a good sportsperson; children have acquired skills they didn’t know they had. Children have been using their break times to practise as a team and to improve their chances of competing in other competitions. Sports Impact have organised all the competitions we have participated in, which has contributed to part of our expenditure.

Teachers have benefited from a specialist PE teacher who assisted in the implementation of the new PE curriculum. The children have received quality teaching, which has improved their specific skills, coordination and body control. Teachers feel more equipped and confident to deliver the new curriculum with a fresh approach to this subject. This has also created more enjoyment amongst boys.

We have increased the amount of after school clubs which has contributed to children’s participation. Part of this funding has enabled the pupil premium children to access this area of school life.

We will continue to compete in school competitions throughout the rest of the year, as well as continue to offer professional development in PE to other staff. Our clubs will remain on offer with a wide variety open to all children.

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