“ Whatever you do in word or deed,
do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Colossians 3:17

Year 6 Redwood Class


Year 6 Redwood
Class Teacher: Mrs Old

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Winchester

Welcome to Year 6 Redwood Class

Welcome to Year 6 Redwoods! 

This year has been a very different year again due to Covid 19 restrictions: But that has not stopped us taking part in lots of fun activities! 

Here is information about our class.  

Our teacher is Mrs Old and our teaching assistant is Mrs Winchester. 

Our goals for the year are to achieve our full potential by the end of our time in Primary School.

Class rules: 

  • We always respect each others thoughts, opinions and objects 
  • We listen to the teacher, and raise our hand when we want to ask questions 
  • We treat each other equally
  • We take care of everything and everyone with the utmost care and respect 
  • We successfully take pride in our work.

Here are some of the other roles we have in our school…

In Year 6 Redwoods, our curriculum is rich in variety and we love our quizzes on what we have learnt previously. We have been thinking of how we can refresh our memory on past topics and in the Summer term, we are going to have topic meetings with other year groups. (If we cannot do this in person, we are going to do them online, then we can share our knowledge of what is next for the younger pupils to do!)

During Remote Learning (some of us were in school at Lockdown School) we participated in a ‘Live Parliament Workshop’. We learnt lots about the House of Parliament; how laws are made in Britain and information about the different rules between the Commons and Lords. 

Did you know that it is against the law to handle salmon in a suspicious manner in London? That was a law we learnt about! 

We had an online safety visit while we were learning remotely.  A Police Officer from the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) – Central Specialist Crime Team joined our English lesson and talked to us about hacking and how to make informed choices when working online, and how to stay safe while exploring the internet. He was very impressed with how we interacted and how our internet safety knowledge. 

In Year 6, we all have roles and responsibilities  One of these jobs is the gardening club, we plant seeds, water the flowers, and bring our school garden to life. 

Our fun fact about Redwoods is that between the whole class, we can speak 11 different languages, fluently!