“ Whatever you do in word or deed,
do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Colossians 3:17

Y6 WBD Poetry

Year 6 have been joining lots of live broadcasts this week and after watching inspirational poets such as Joseph Coelho, Micheal Rosen and Kwame Alexander they wrote their own poetry!


Open A Book- By Jessica Y6

When you open a book, 

You will find 

People and places 

Of every kind.

Open a book 

And you can share 

 Magical adventures 

You find in there

Read a book 

And you will know 

The amazing places 

Your mind can go.

You are special – By Finley


You are special,

There is only one of you,

You are unique to any person,

To me,

To your family,

And everyone in the whole wide world.


This is who you are,

This is who you are meant to be,

You were like this for a reason,

And so was I,

And that reason makes you that special person.


We are all one kind,

All created the same,

And we all think we are the same,

But yet no one is perfect,

We were created this way,

And a way that makes everyone different,

And that way makes you a special person.

BLANK – By Annabelle

Once there was a boy his brain was clear 

No book or poem went anywhere near, 

His brain got fried by video games 

Video games fried his brain 


He had no imagination

He had no creation 

In his eyes everything was black and white 

Everything was black and white


All he ate was burgers from the shop 

He played video games until his eyes went pop 

Until he read a book! 


The Night by Johan

As I curl up in my cosy bed, 

Darkness looms over my room.

Shadows jump from wall to wall,

As the wind starts to call.


I hear the whispering 

 “ Whoo, Whoo”.

Can anyone hear my Whimpering,

Over the noise of the night, 

Yes, I said the noise of the night.

I hide under the protection of blankets,

For I fear the night, 

Yes, I fear the night.

It is when the unknown takes flight.


As I slowly close my eyes, 

I see a familiar light.

It is starting to rise,

Banished is the night.

Year 6 watched an input from Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Steven Lenton on how to use characterisation to ‘drive their stories’ and explained how they practised bringing characters to life by imitating their teachers at school! Year 6 then practised bringing characters to life through drawings.

Painter by Freddie T

Writing on leaves by Sara. Inspired by Joseph Coelho